Gervais' Lab 

Department of Physics

The lab houses two dilution refrigerators, one Helium-3 system and a VTI, all of which were manufactured by the Janis Research corporation. There is also a BlueFors fridge that needs space made through renovation before being an active asset. The fridges exhaust are all connected to a reliquifier by Quantum Design. Click on a system to learn more.

Dilution fridge
Helium-3 fridge
VTI (Variable Temperature Instrument)
BlueFors fridge
Other assets in the lab:    
This concrete slab connects the pumps in the pump room to the world outside. Note the handprint in the middle; that's Cory's.  
Inside the pump room are, of course, several pumps. Shown here are two roots blowers and two pfieffer responsible for sucking on the still lines.  
Several Alcatel 2008s perform utility vacuum functions.  
Also in the pump room are the three power transformers which provide clean power to the sensitive appartuses outside.  

Rome wasn't built in a day:

Here are some photos from the lab, taken during the slightly less than scientific construction phase.

It begins! ... with a thud.
Our esteemed group leader can be seen here making sure that the hole in the ground actually exists.
Two of the three pits in the lab prior to the concrete pour.
Before investigating such oddities as the Wigner Crystal or Quantum Nanofluidics, we must first examine something much more humble: dirt.
The ULT-SPM pit, in its nascent stage.
The corner where there now sits the ULT-SPM set up. Note the new walls and the two pits!
The corner above with the elegant ash wood structure clearly visible. The 8" PVC pipe can be seen on the floor, itching to be hoisted into position.
Cory Dean, after carrying this slab of concrete back on his back from the civil engineering department.
The electricians working on our pump room power controls.
Robert, Richard, and John making sure the newly installed I-Beam isn't going anywhere.
John wondering if and how the other I-beam is going to fit in the ceiling. (NB: it did fit)
Five burly gentlemen getting ready to hoist the 300 lb lead-antinomy pipe, otherwise known as L'Gros Réflecteur, into place.
L'Gros Réflecteur in all its quiet glory. This subtle yet potent beast will help prevent any vibrations originating from the pump room from reaching the sensitive tip of the AFM.


The other side of the lab which now houses the He-3 system.