Gervais' Lab : Dilution Fridge 

Department of Physics

Inside this Faraday Cage, rated at 100 db attenuation at 10 Gigahertz, one can find a brand spanking new dilution refrigerator capable of maintaining ~16 milli-Kelvin during continuous operation and ~8 milli-Kelvin in single shot mode. Also contained within is a 9 Telsa superconducting magnet. The shielded room prevents interference from local electromagnetic radiation, such as cell-phones and radio noise.

An up-close view of the dilution unit. There is no shortage of wires here.
The whole 7' tall unit hanging from the ceiling.
Another view with the unit enclosed in the vacuum can. The sliding seal (green cylinder) allows for the removal of the fridge while the magnet below stays at Liquid Helium temperature.
The Gas Handling System used to control the flow of the vital fluids, namely He-3 and He-4, within the system.